The Anchor Retreat

The Anchor Retreat is led by a team of six students from MBA Programs across the U.S. and is sponsored by InterVarsity's MBA Ministry. This student team is preparing the best possible experience for all attendees. We are excited to announce that a grant has been provided to cover most of the cost of hosting the Retreat at an Airbnb in Denver, CO, enabling us to offer this year's event at $225. We want everyone to be able to join us, so please apply for a needs-based scholarship if finances are holding you back. 

Our Goals

Integration: Further the integration of faith and vocation among MBA students as a part of the whole-life integration, in part, by providing examples of seasoned leaders walking faithfully, pre-retreat readings, and post-retreat video follow-ups.

Community and Spiritual Formation: Foster intimate relationships with fellow believers across MBA programs. This cross-pollination is a source of encouragement and co-labor for advancing the Gospel on campus and in the workplace and preparing for our program's spiritual challenges.

Outreach and Impact: Equip fellow students to share the love of Christ in the uniquely secular cultures we are entering on campus and in the workplace. 


Like a weekend getaway with your friends, we have reserved large, luxury vacation rental homes for the Anchor Retreat. Spouses are welcome to attend, provided they complete a separate registration form and fee. If you have questions or concerns about accommodations, please get in touch with us at: the.anchor.retreat@gmail.com 


Thursday, August 3

5:00 pm PST Check-In

6:00 pm PST Dinner Prep & Dinner

Friday & Saturday, August 4-5

8:00 am PST Details to be Announced


  • Group Meal Prep & Eating Together
  • Special guest Speakers via Zoom
  • Outdoor Activities
  • Indoor Activities
  • Bible Study and Worship
  • Small Group Time

Sunday, August 6

11:00 am PST Check-Out