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September 24, 2022 to October 22, 2022 | New York City, NY

As we begin a new school year we invite you to consider connecting with a community of graduate students seeking to bear witness to the kingdom of God in the university context. At this one-day fall retreat in multiple locations across NYC, we'll unpack what it might look like to be a "witnessing community of hope" - looking together for ways that Jesus is still very much at work today and remaining hopeful that he is in the process of making all things new. Click here to learn more.

October 7, 2022 to October 9, 2022 | Rindge, NH

Come spend a weekend away from the city.  Come meet graduate students from your school and other Boston-area universities. We will consider a story from Luke’s gospel about being a good neighbor and God's call to love others.  Come enjoy canoeing on the lake, making s'mores on a bonfire, and playing in a kickball competition! Click here to learn more.