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For this Inside GFM, we wanted to highlight campus stories from four GFM staff.

Email Templates

Need help drafting an email to invite a faculty member to the one-on-one or prayer gathering? Want to see an template for a follow-up email?  Check out these templates for reaching out to faculty.

Click here for Email Templates

The Faculty Week app is here to help you smoothly prep, run, and wrap up the week. In it, you’ll find simple to-do lists for before, during, and after Faculty Week, tips for each step, resources, and more.

To get the app, click the link below.

Faculty carry a lot of responsibilities. They conduct research, teach classes, serve on administrative councils, advise student organizations, and much more. Faculty Week gives us an opportunity to tell them how much we appreciate them!

Here are a few ideas for expressing gratitude during the week:

During Faculty Week, we want to show our support and appreciation for all faculty do by praying for them as a chapter. Here are a few ideas to host a Faculty Week prayer gathering:

• Ask your Chapter Advisor for five ways students can be praying for faculty on campus (including themselves!).

• Host a Large Group gathering during Faculty Week and make a part of it dedicated to praying over faculty on campus.

The one-on-one is centerpiece of the week. This is the space where you get to have a meaningful dialogue with your Chapter Advisor, whether that’s having a first conversation, deepening your relationship, or meeting with other Christian faculty who want to join a team of advisors! We have created email templates for inviting and following-up with advisors, as well as outlined recommendations for different advisor relationships. Click below to jump to the context that best matches with your situation:

You’ll find a variety of sources on this page to help you prep, run, and wrap up Faculty Week. Make sure to download the Faculty Week app, which includes to-do lists for before, during, and after the week!

Our hope is that each of our InterVarsity chapters will have an advisor they are partnering with on campus. We’ve curated a few resources to help you, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to improve an existing partnership.

Part 1 of 2. This is a helpful step-by-step for students looking for a Chapter Advisor to sponsor your chapter, pray for you, and partner with you in ministry.