GFM Campus Staff

Campus Staff Ministers help support the mission of GFM by working with grad students, professional students, and faculty communities on one or more campuses in a geographical area. Some staff ministers are seminary graduates; others have spent years in church ministry, the university setting, or the general workplace; and others are InterVarsity staff who previously worked with undergraduate students.

What Staff Say About Their Ministry

“I enjoy thinking and praying with grad students and faculty about God's mission on campus and how to join his work as scholars. When they do so, grad students are not just "surviving" grad school but enjoying it.”

“My role constantly presents me with a challenge to pray, learn, and be willing to continuously try something different.”

"I get to work on every angle of the university. Jesus’ lordship extends to every square centimeter of this place. I mentor Christian grad students and faculty in everything from leadership, hermeneutics, and evangelism to relationships and child-rearing. I represent the gospel to everyone from the Dean of Students to back-room researchers. As a community, we engage this place with the gospel in all its implications."

My Passion as Staff

Ideal Campus Staff

Candidates should be motivated and able to:

  1. Demonstrate a well-integrated faith in Jesus Christ that touches all of life, including work and study, that is deeply rooted and theologically informed, that models a commitment to spiritual formation, multi-ethnic community, evangelism, service and integration of faith, learning, and practice. (For more information refer to GFM’s Four Ministry Commitments.)
  2. Articulate a compelling vision for university ministry that aligns with the GFM mission, that reflects a love for the campus and that inspires students and faculty to act as a redeeming influence within their spheres.
  3. Develop witnessing communities on campus, whether grad students, professional school students or faculty, by cultivating relationships, fostering connections between people, facilitating/leading gatherings, planning outreach activities and providing resources, including training events and retreats.
  4. Identify and develop missional leaders, working in partnership with them to build the community and pursue its mission, while investing in their spiritual growth and personal development.
  5. Cultivate strong ministry partners on campus and in the community, people who will enthusiastically invest in the mission on campus through direct involvement, prayer, and financial giving.
  6. Befriend and serve students and faculty of all ethnicities and cultures, comfortably navigating the diverse cultural context of the university.
  7. Function as a self-starter and a self-motivated learner, working toward prioritized goals without daily supervision and taking initiative to learn with a teachable posture.
  8. Attend to administrative tasks with diligence, including managing ministry expenses, submitting requested plans and reports, and adhering to organizational policies and protocols.

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