Walking with Jesus

Being transformed and restored with Jesus,
This is the prayer of my heart,
I know there are no quick changes,
But daily grace his Spirit will impart.

Lord help me know what’s good and true,
Help me walk in your ways and your will,
In this convoluted and broken world,
Help me stop, listen & learn to be still.

Help me wait for your Spirit to guide,
And not always rush out ahead,
But to live at your good and perfect pace,
With quiet confidence in you, instead.

Help me find joy in your firm control,
And follow with open heart and open hands,
Not grasping and forcing my own will,
But trusting your mercy, love and commands.

Lord change the shape of my heart within,
With ever growing attention to you,
Help me to hear your still small voice,
In the midst of all that I do.

Help me to live at a pace that reflects,
Your power, goodness and steadfast love,
Knowing it’s not about my striving,
But receiving your gifts from above.

Help me to know it’s not about me,
And earning your love by my labor,
Break the lies that still remain,
And help me live in your grace and favor.

Thank you for your never ending love,
For specializing in new mercies each day,
A Father in Heaven who loves to restore,
And redeem all who walk in your way.

Help me to rest and trust in you,
Regardless of what I can see,
To trust in your good purpose and plans,
As you restore and transform me.

Help me to live in hope and joy,
Receiving gifts you’re eager to give,
Trusting the pace and plans to you,
Learning to abundantly abide and live.




Melodie came to the University of Michigan as a first year student in the Fall of 1984.  After four years of student involvement with InterVarsity (IV) she joined InterVarsity staff, primarily serving undergrads at the U of Michigan. Since joining staff, God has grown her love for the campus and her heart for InterVarsity. His calling into Graduate and Faculty Ministries (GFM) became clear during Melodie's first sabbatical in 1999.  She began a Masters of Art and Religion in Biblical Studies, which was complete in 2003. God used the transition to GFM to increase Melodie’s vision for supporting and encouraging her IV staff colleagues. In 2005, she became the Grad & Faculty Team Leader for Michigan, and then stepped into the Area Director role in 2007. In 2013, Melodie applied for the role of Midwest Regional Director and began serving in 2014. Two of her passions are growing the ethnic diversity of our staff team in the Midwest and increasing the number of grad students and faculty making commitments to Jesus.

Melodie loves to start her day with a run, and usually participates in a half marathon each Spring and Fall. She lives in Ann Arbor, MI, with her dog, Samwise, and is grateful to live in a college town with excellent live music, lots of parks and coffee shops, and a fairly authentic Irish pub.

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