Finding Light in the Darkness

"The notion that God is a God of justice, as well as grace and love, allows oppressed people to have hope. When wrong is acknowledged and hope springs forth, it is possible to receive justice even when the system may let you down."

Read more from Dr. Alice Brown-Collins, Associate Regional Director of Graduate and Faculty Ministries (GFM), Northeast and the Area Director for Black Scholars and Professionals (BSAP), originally published on the Emerging Scholars blog.


Alice R. Brown-Collins, Ph.D., ordained Minister, left the university world as a professor to become a campus missionary. Presently, she is the Asst. Director, National Intercessory Prayer, InterVarsity. In the past she has been Associate Regional Director of Graduate and Faculty Ministries (GFM), Northeast and area director, Black Scholars and Professionals (BSAP) as well as director for Black Campus Ministry, InterVarsity, New England, undergraduates. In addition, she is co-pastor at New Hope Christian Ministries, with her husband, Rev. Boris Collins. She has been coordinator of the prayer warriors and women’s ministries; a member of the missions board; and a teacher for the discipleship classes.

Dr. Brown-Collins has a Ph.D. from the University of Colorado, Boulder. As a social psychologist, she is a lecturer and teacher, conducting numerous seminars and workshops on families, married couples, evangelism and missions, discipleship, college ministries, multiethnicity, race relations, and women as well as being a participant in the Veritas Forum at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She has held positions as assistant professor at Brown University (Black Studies) and Wellesley College (Africana Studies), as well as adjunct professorships at Brandeis University and the University of Rhode Island, Kingston. In addition, she has missions experience in Ghana; Guyana, South America; Kenya and Australia. For over 25 years, the Collins family has feed, sheltered and mentored college students as well as homeless adults.

Rev. Dr. Brown-Collins loves the Lord and loves to pray! She is the spouse of Rev. Boris E. Collins and they have two children; Jamal, 40 years old and Kateri, 31 years old and a daughter-in-law, Marisha, as well as two grandsons, Jake and Shamar.

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