Workshops at GFM Staff Conference 2023

Workshops will be held from 3 – 4 pm (Workshops Session 1) and 4:30 – 5:15 pm (Workshops Session 2). Scroll to the bottom to download a PDF if you would like to print.

Workshops: Session 1

Contextualizing to Gen Z

View Contextualizing to Gen Z Workshop Recording

This workshop will offer insights from coaching and training Gen Z students to do fruitful evangelistic ministry and give practical tips for empowering and discipling Gen Z students. We will talk about the different leadership needs across the generations (Gen-X, Millennial, Gen Z), and the barriers to contextualizing our training and discipleship for this generation.

Leader: Angelo Blancaflor (InterVarsity, Evangelism Department)

Color Courageous Evangelism

View Color Courageous Evangelism Workshop Recording

How can we prepare Graduate Students and Faculty to participate in conversations about race within their departments and the wider University? What aspects of discipleship will help them become a courageous and faithful presence in such conversations? This seminar will synthesize some of Michelle Sanchez’s work in her recently published book, Color Courageous Discipleship, with some of Mickey Sanchez’s work with Graduate Students and Faculty at Northwestern.

Leader: Mickey Sanchez, GFM at Northwestern University

Front Door - Side Door:  Creating Meaningful Conversations in Polarizing Climates

View Front Door - Side Door Workshop Recording

In the volatile political/social climate of higher ed., we need a conversation strategy that advances the gospel while respecting neighboring views. So, we'll learn how to use the "side door" (indirect witness) before moving to the "front door" (more direct witness). What's the difference? What are the required skills? Use Front Door - Side Door to help students/faculty who struggle to get started in witness.

Leader: Rick Mattson, GFM Evangelist/Apologist 

Reimagining the Path to Flourishing in Human Sexuality

View Reimagining the Path to Flourishing in Human Sexuality Workshop Recording

This cultural moment is a time to live out the good news in both how we talk about sexuality–that is, how we grow in compassion, humility and hospitality.  It is also a moment to live out what we say about sexuality–that we all need Jesus’ help in restoring our desires. For those in traditional sexuality spaces, it is especially important for us to inspect our bias towards marriage as the sole path of fulfillment of personhood.  We’ll discuss these topics and provide you with practical tools to develop hospitable, honest and transformative conversations about sexuality including how to engage the LGBTQ+ community on campus.

Leader: Jess Pafumi (Area Director, Greater Springfield MA, Discipleship & Leadership: Resource Specialist), David Paladino (Assoc.Director of Discipleship & Leadership)

Workshops: Session 2

Faithful Witness among Law, Business and Healthcare Students

Come and engage with your colleagues who are growing witnessing communities in these student contexts. This will be an interactive workshop with the opportunity for you to ask questions and share your own experiences. Facilitated by Glenn Goldsmith, Mark Washington and Renee Nicholas

Leader: Mark Washington, Renee Nicholas, Glenn Goldsmith

Evangelism, Discipleship, or both? New Learning & Best Practices within ISM Today

What does ISM bring to GFM? In this seminar, we will look at what an International Witnessing community looks like, followed by findings we found and are learning from at our recent National Discipleship Consultation (Feb 2023). Our hope is that more questions will be raised as opposed to offering a one-size strategy that will shape how we staff/shepherd our chapters in regard to evangelism and discipleship.

Leader: Bok Chew, Marc Papai, Bill Nelson

Being and Creating Welcoming BSAP Spaces: GFM celebration from both coasts!

Grappling with the nuances of how racism shows up in actions endemic of a long-standing, national problem, can freeze anyone. As GFM strives to build loving, inclusive and equitable environments for grad students and faculty in our chapters across the country, we will reflect and celebrate with three diverse staff who did just that for groups of Black faculty and grad students during the pandemic! This workshop will be a safe, welcoming space to consider the roles we each can play in being and creating safe and welcoming environments for all in our grad chapters on all our campuses! 

Leader: Denise Margaret Thompson and the BSAP team

My Evangelism Profile

In the spirit of the many personality profile tools available these days, the MEP will make evangelism easier and more natural for you by helping you (and your students and faculty) identify your God-given design in witness. Focusing on your strengths will help you see more fruit in evangelism.

Leader: Rick Mattson

Practical Next Steps: Getting Equipped on the Path to Flourishing in Human Sexuality

This workshop will provide hospitable, honest, and transformative next steps for you and your fellowships to understand and engage Human Sexuality and the LGBTQ+ community on campus.

Leader: Jess Pafumi & David Paladino

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