Working with Chapter Advisors

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Faculty, campus staff, and administrators lead and carry forth the purpose and mission of their colleges and universities as long-term residents. Our desire is to partner well as a campus ministry to provide a presence and impact that blesses both the people and institution. Chapter Advisors can play a key role in supporting, facilitating, and advocating in this endeavor, and it is to our benefit to seek out these partners and take time to cultivate a relationship that furthers God’s work on campus.

Our hope is that each of our InterVarsity chapters will have an advisor they are partnering with on campus. We’ve curated a few resources to help you, whether you’re just getting started or you’re looking to improve an existing partnership.

Help Us Stay Connected


InterVarsity Staff:

We are building our Chapter Advisor database in order to better partner with and serve you and your Chapter Advisor. Please email this page to your Chapter Advisor and ask them to fill out the contact card.