Partnering Well with Your Chapter Advisor Throughout the Year

As you use this guide, keep in mind that each Chapter Advisor will have different availabilities and gifts. Some of these recommended touchpoints could be done by a phone/video call or an email exchange, but we do recommend trying to have as much face-to-face time with your Chapter Advisor as their availability allows.  


  1. Connect with your Chapter Advisor and share with them the New Student Outreach (NSO) and fall event plans (if they weren’t involved with the process). Ask for feedback and see what events they would like to be involved with. 
  2. Talk through their involvement for the fall semester/quarter. In addition to ongoing things they may commit to (e.g. hosting office hours for IV students), some event-specific ideas include: 
    • Speaking at a large group (*see note below), helping to lead a training or seminar (e.g. Senior Group), provide coaching for the leadership team in making ministry plans
    • Hosting a back-to-school retreat, a Homecoming event for IV alumni, Thanksgiving meal for students staying around, or Advent/Christmas party 


  1. After NSO, meet with your advisor and debrief their experience. Invite them as a special guest to your Fall Conference. 
  2. In December, debrief their experience from the fall and talk through their involvement for the winter semester/quarter. In addition to ongoing things, some event-specific ideas for winter include:
    • Hosting a gathering for students just to get time away from campus
    • February is a common time for campuses to host a Veritas Forum
    • If you’re at a semester school, this may also include plans for their involvement during an Outreach/Easter event 
  3. Involve students and end a Christmas card with a small token of appreciation.  


  1. Connect with them early in the winter and have a conversation that can be more focused on how you’re both doing and ways to partner and support each other well. One specific thing you can invite them to as a way of caring for them is your regional IV Faculty Conference.
  2. Around spring break, invite your advisor to your Chapter Camp or planning times for the upcoming school year. 
  3. Debrief depending on your schedule:
    • If you’re at a semester school:
      • In April, debrief the whole year together and celebrate what God has done. This is a good time to evaluate how the partnership has worked and whether to continue.
    • If you’re at a quarter school: 
      • In March, debrief their experience from winter quarter and talk through their involvement for the spring quarter. Some event-specific ideas for the spring may include an Outreach/Easter event.
      • In May, debrief the whole year together and celebrate what God has done. This is a good time to evaluate how the partnership has worked and whether to continue.
    • For both academic schedules, as the year ends, involve students in thanking your advisor for their involvement.

* A note on inviting faculty to speak at large group: Faculty generally appreciate being asked to speak far in advance (a year if possible). Writing a talk is also very time consuming for a faculty member (in contrast to a pastor or campus minister who is in the practice of giving talks regularly). Instead, they may be more likely to have capacity to share at a large group with a Q&A format (with questions provided beforehand). If your advisor would enjoy speaking, ask them what works best for them.