Faculty Week Hub

Faculty are amazing! They conduct research, teach classes, and develop students academically and personally. Since InterVarsity’s birth in the late 1800s, they have been an integral part of our movement, praying, supporting, and building communities of students, faculty, and staff. Faculty Week is an opportunity to show our appreciation for all that faculty offer, as well as deepen our relationships with faculty on each of our campuses. 

Faculty Week is designed to complement your ministry work. We have suggestions for things you can do during the week to connect with faculty that can be adapted to fit your context. The goal of Faculty Week is for you to have meaningful interactions with faculty, starting with your Chapter Advisor. We encourage creativity and invite you to share your ideas with Faculty Ministry!

You’ll find a variety of sources below to help you prep, run, and wrap up Faculty Week. Make sure to download the Faculty Week app, which includes to-do lists for before, during, and after the week!

Resources for the Week