Square Inch Seminars

Square Inch Seminars came out of the Stanford InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Graduate Christian Fellowship. Students reflected that the academy didn’t understand them as Christians and churches didn’t understand them as academics. They came up with the idea of short “TED” like talks that would help both the church and the campus understand what it looks like to love God/one another, your campus, your academic discipline and our world (known as the Faculty Four Loves).

Our templates show you how to hold a 45 minute Square Inch Seminar (that includes one Square Inch Testimony). The included Square Inch testimony guide provides reflection questions and tips on how to write a 5-10 minute Square Inch Testimony and helps you discern and then share about God’s action in your own square inch—whether that be your study, your experience or something you’re interested in.

You can provide a link to this page to help those who are preparing their testimony.

Download the Square Inch Meeting Template

Download the Square Inch Testimony Guide



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