A Prayer for Match Day

Medical students across the US anticipate Match Day with both excitement and trepidation. On this spring day, fourth-year medical students find out where they will be starting their residency or fellowship training programs. In the weeks running up to this event, each student lists their top programs and awaits the news to be revealed on this day: which one of their preferred programs will choose them? Their many years of training, dreaming, and preparing for this next step finally culminates in opening their match letter. Often family members of the students will come to join in the ceremony and celebration. It can be an emotional time for everyone.  

Members of graduate healthcare fellowships wanted to pause on this important day and turn our attention to God. We offer this prayer as a way to reflect and remember the ways God has been faithful in the past and the promise that he will continue to be faithful during this pivotal transition. We encourage students to pray this prayer together as a united community. Thanks be to God for his goodness and provision on this important day!

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