Lord, Teach Us to Pray

God is raising up a generation of African Americans and people of African descent who are graduate students, faculty, and/or professionals who are being transformed by Christ, being renewed in their academic pursuits or professional lives, and becoming agents of transformation within the African American community, the church, and the world.

These seven prayers based on the principles of change we seek to practice in our ministry offer you a way to partner with us daily by praying with us for black students, faculty, professionals, and BSAP staff and volunteers the Lord is calling unto Himself. We want you to be involved, to be a part of our ministry. We earnestly ask you to join us in prayer for our ministry, vision, and spiritual health.

  1. Spiritual Formation: Lord, we unite in prayer, seeking your wisdom and guidance, setting goals to spend time with you, to study your Word, to hear your voice, and to apply your Truth in our lives through grace, mercy and love, extended to ourselves and others. Father God, please give us creativity to continue to find new and meaningful ways to connect with you and connect others to you that BSAP staff and volunteers would meet the spiritual needs of Black Scholars and Professionals.

  2. Ethnic Integrity: Ask BSAP team to write 7 brief 1-2 sentence prayers to go with these principles.

  3. Church Participation

  4. Urban & Global Projects

  5. Work & Faith Integration

  6. Reconciliation of African Diaspora

  7. Collaboration with Professional Associations

Thank you for praying for the Black Scholars and Professionals ministry. We appreciate your time, dedication, and devotion to the Lord.


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