Christian Scholars Foundation Grant

Christian Scholars Foundation

The Christian Scholars Foundation (CSF) is a small family foundation formed to encourage and support Christian junior faculty in their efforts to gain recognition and stature in the academy. The Foundation also strives to encourage them in the effort to integrate Christian faith and academic endeavor.

Christian Scholars Foundation—Emerging Scholars Network Grant

In partnership with the Emerging Scholars Network, we are pleased to offer the CSF-ESN Grant to Advance Christian Scholarship to encourage and nurture Christian junior faculty as they strive for wider recognition in and beyond the academy. We seek to encourage them to integrate Christian faith with their academic endeavors.

Major News: CSF-ESN Grant Increased to $20,000 for 2020

We are thrilled to announce that the amount of the CSF-ESN Grant is increased to $20,000 for 2020. We are grateful for the excellent foundation of great work previous grantees have built, and we look forward to the opportunity to expand the grant’s already substantial impact for the common good through the funding of larger projects in 2020.


  1. Grants are made only to ESN members. If you are not a member, why not join now?
  2. Applicants should have earned their doctorate (or comparable terminal degree appropriate to their discipline).
  3. Grants are made to junior faculty, the definition of which we intend to leave vague. Usually those to whom the grant is awarded will have been on faculty for ten years or less. In the case of large schools, the applicant will usually be tenure track and not above the Assistant Professor level.
  4. In no case will grants be made outside the United States and Canada.

Grant Amount

The 2020 grant provides $20,000. We do not know at this time the amount of the 2021 grant.


There is a two-step application process.

Preliminary Application

Those interested in applying should submit their Curriculum Vitae and an Executive Summary of the proposed project or research. The summary should be in a standard file such as .pdf and should not exceed one page, single-spaced, 12-point type. Note: The executive summary is most useful when it outlines the project to which the funds will be applied. It helps CSF to capture the applicant's vision when the executive summary explains the project itself, how the project will help to establish them as an expert in their field, and the impact that it will have on both the Christian and secular worlds.

The deadline for 2020 applications was March 15, 2020. Next year's scholarship application deadline will be announced by January 2021. 

Full Application

Authors of the five or ten most interesting proposals will be invited to submit a full application. The necessary details regarding full application will be sent to those selected when they are notified of their selection.


CSF prefers to receive the Preliminary Applications by email. To be considered, whether sent by email or postal mail, preliminary applications must be received by CSF on or before the deadline. Send preliminary applications to:

Christian Scholars Foundation
Attn: John Draper
7426 South Catawba Way
Aurora, CO 80016

Questions about the grant may be sent to John Draper of CSF. You may also read testimonials from past recipients here and interviews of several of the most recent recipients on the Emerging Scholars Network Blog [Carrie Bredow (2016), Jill Ellenbarger (2017), and Eleanor McGlinchey (2017), Derek Thompson (2019)].


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