Chapter Advising FAQs

I want to be involved, but I have limited time and experience in ministry. Is there an opportunity for me?

We have found that faculty, administrators, and staff often have more to offer than they think!

The best way to discern what contribution can really make a difference is to discuss with an InterVarsity (IV) Staff Minister what you’re gifted in and what the ministry opportunities are. This Best Practices resource can guide your process.

How much time should I give to this role?

We recognize that Chapter Advisors will have varying capacities, and that this capacity may change through different seasons. At minimum, we would love Chapter Advisors to commit to meeting with the IV Staff Minister in person at least once a semester/quarter to pray and share how the ministry is going. In addition to this, it would be nice if there was some sort of in-person interaction with students in the ministry once a semester/quarter as well. Just as Jesus blesses the small but sacrificial offering of loaves and fishes in John 6:1-14, we know that it is a sacrifice to serve and that there may be limitations to your availability and involvement, so we trust that God will bless what you have prayerfully discerned you can offer.  

Can I serve with other faculty, administrators, and campus staff members? 

Yes! This is probably the best picture of the body of Christ. Multiple faculty, staff, and administrators serving together is not only biblical but also leverages strengths and gifts of a community. Having multiple advisors at commuter campuses is especially helpful because they are more likely required by the school to be at every event.  

How should the Chapter Advisor relate to the IV Staff Minister?

IV Staff Ministers are responsible for building a student Leadership team and overall strategy. However, depending on the needs of the ministry, the involvement of a Chapter Advisor could range from a strategic partnership (e.g., provide feedback and coaching on goals and plans) to one of service (e.g., hosting gatherings, providing meals and snacks) to one of direct influence (e.g., giving a talk, leading a seminar).

How should the Chapter Advisor relate to students?

IV's ministry philosophy revolves around student leadership. Therefore, Chapter Advisors partner with IV Staff Ministers to develop and come alongside students as they lead. Chapter Advisors can serve as amazing mentors and coaches that help student leaders grow in discernment and minister to their peers.

How should the Chapter Advisor envision their role, if there isn't an IV Staff Minister?

As IV is expanding, it is becoming more common that volunteers, alumni, and campus members advise IV chapters without an IV Staff Minister on campus. This would be a situation where a Chapter Advisor’s direct involvement with the ministry would increase. As a Chapter Advisor, you would work with the local IV Staff Director (who oversees multiple campuses) to receive the needed support, training, and coaching. 

There isn’t an IV ministry on my campus, but I’d like to see one start. What can I do?

Faculty, staff and administrators can often be the catalyst needed to establish a new ministry on campus! If you have an interest in exploring this, email us, so that we can connect you with the local IV Staff Director.

For more information on InterVarsity Faculty Ministry (e.g., resources, connecting with other faculty, starting a faculty fellowship), please visit  If you have any additional questions about Chapter Advising or Faculty Ministry, please email us at