Audio: Faith & Academic Commitments in a Post-Modern World


How can theology engage academic disciplines like philosophy, natural science or the humanities in the contemporary university? At the 2008 Wisconsin Symposium, Dr. Alan Padgett presented several models of engagement, using issues in postmodern philosophy as an example, and described ways these issues interface with the Christian faith, both in theological and in personal expression. 

Audio Recordings

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Faith & Academic Commitments in a Post-Modern World, Part 1 (MP3, 20.6 MB)
Faith & Academic Commitments in a Post-Modern World, Part 2 (MP3, 15.7 MB)

Other Resources

Presentation Outline (PDF, 82 KB)
Presentation Slides (PDF, 146 KB)


Dr. Alan G. Padgett

Professor of Systematic Theology
Luther Seminary, St. Paul, MN


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