2016: Emerging Scholars Network Blog Highlights

It was a great year for the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) blog, thanks to partnerships with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA campus ministers, campus grad fellowships, and individual emerging scholars. In our mission to support followers of Christ on the academic pathway, we love to work with readers, InterVarsity campus ministers, and with InterVarsity campus fellowships to find material that will be genuinely helpful for our readers. We especially love connecting individual emerging scholars in transition with the resources and conversations they need.

This year, some highlights included:

Plans for 2017 include a series on writing as a spiritual discipline, more Scholar’s Compass devotional pieces, and a series on good communication with colleagues for faculty members.

We’d love to know what material you’d like to see on the blog. Whether you’re a campus minister, a student, a postdoc, or a faculty member, contact us with your ideas.

Image courtesy of tookapic at Pixabay.com. Posted with Graduate School Survival Kit.


Tom Grosh serves as the Associate Director of the Emerging Scholars Network (ESN). He brings 20 years of campus ministry experience with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, including a decade of service in Pittsburgh (1996 - 2006), and passion for "connecting." In addition to his labors with ESN, Tom staffs the Christian Medical Society(CMS)/CMDA at the Penn State College of Medicine. Tom and his family live in Lancaster County, PA. Click here to read God's Grace in Higher Education -- an interview by Amy Hauptman for InterVarsity's website (8/3/2012).

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