Participate on Campus

Witnessing Communities

We serve over 200 distinct student fellowships or faculty communities on some 100 different campuses. These groups seek to be inter-denominational, multi-ethnic/multi-cultural, and student/faculty led.

Grad student fellowships can come in two forms: campus-wide and inter-disciplinary (often called Graduate Christian Fellowship) or profession-specific (e.g. law, business, medicine, education, social work, etc.). Names of groups vary from campus to campus. There may be more than one fellowship on a given campus.

Faculty communities also come in two forms: some are more organized groups and others are looser networks.

Each community on campus develops its identity and program around GFM’s Four Ministry Commitments. Examples of campus fellowship activities include:

  • Small groups for spiritual nurture and support, often including Bible study
  • Dinners and other social gatherings
  • Overall fellowship gatherings, often including a speaker, worship, discussion
  • Prayer meetings
  • Discipline-specific reading groups
  • Service opportunities
  • Outreach and hospitality activities