GFM Area Directors

The work of mid-level supervisors (Area Directors) is crucial to provide excellent care for teams of campus staff, building the capacity of GFM to achieve our mission, expand to new campuses, and grow ministry on existing campuses.

The Area Director (AD) holds a key position in GFM, providing direct leadership for a team of campus staff and partnering with other ADs and ministry directors to lead the larger regional staff team. GFM is seeking ADs who love the university, its ideas and people, value teamwork and team building, lead with a humble dependence upon God, and love to help others excel in their work.

What ADs Say About Their Ministry

"InterVarsity’s unique and strategic vision for engaging the whole of the university system is refreshingly vibrant, innovative, and gracious. I appreciate the model of engaging the campus as a friend and servant; creating hospitable environments for the engagement of faith, work, and justice; and watching men and women move closer to Christ, some for the first time."

"Equipping our staff to flourish in order that grad students and faculty might also flourish is at the core of an AD's role. It's my honor to walk with our staff in their pursuit of beauty, truth, and goodness to the glory of God. Whether it’s unpacking ideas like integration, whole-life stewardship, and justice, or simply signing expense reports, ADs in GFM have a rich and unique role in the expansion of the kingdom."

"You’ll work with great colleagues. Supervising experienced staff will give you the opportunity to do rewarding supervisory work."

My Passion as Staff

Kathy shares about the importance of InterVarsity's values of multiethnicity and women in leadership among staff, students, and faculty.

Ideal Area Directors

Candidates should be motivated and able to:

  1. Demonstrate a well-integrated faith in Christ that is deeply rooted and theologically informed while possessing an ability to embrace, commit to and model evangelism, prayer, cross-cultural sensitivity, and whole life stewardship. (Refer to GFM’s Four Commitments.)
  2. Serve on the regional leadership team, developing a shared vision for the direction of the ministry and planning key training events and meetings for the region.
  3. Develop and clearly articulate an area-wide vision reflecting the regional vision and mission, which inspires and encourages staff team members to advance the ministry on their respective campuses.
  4. Provide leadership to plant ministry on new campuses and develop the ministry on existing campuses, doing what it takes to advance the mission of GFM through the establishment of clear goals and objectives.
  5. Build the staff team by recruiting new staff members and placing them in appropriate ministry settings.
  6. Develop the staff team across a wide geographic area by convening meeting and supporting staff members through consistent meaningful contact such as personal visits and virtual communication.
  7. Investigate, ask questions, and probe to understand what and how the team is doing individually and as a group, stay on top of the work, morale, performance, and actions of the team. Personally invest in individuals and the team leading to personal and spiritual nurture and professional development. Foster a sense of teamwork among area team members through partnership in planning area events and praying for the ministry.
  8. Build bridges of trust with key ministry partners and potential donors. Establish relationships for ongoing resourcing and support by championing the work of InterVarsity in order to create widespread partnership with these multiple constituents. Serve as the primary liaison with InterVarsity’s undergraduate ministry in your geographic area.
  9. Gather information through observation of culture and context, assess needs and opportunities and advise staff and leaders on how to strategically move forward.
  10. Employ strong presentation and listening skills, engaging audiences and groups as a representative of InterVarsity’s Graduate and Faculty Ministries.
  11. Manage and administrate the financial and human resources of the area in order to fulfill regional and national procedures, policies, and commitments. Oversee the fund development work of area team members. Secure personal prayer and financial support from donors.

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