Children & Youth Programs

We will offer three programs for children according to their ages and needs. All three programs run concurrently to faculty programming in the morning and evenings and are staffed by background checked professionals and volunteers. Please note: there is no official childcare or children’s program between lunch and dinner during our optional activities and seminars. This is to make space for families to enjoy free time together and to keep kids fresh for the evening session. However, we do encourage asking others for help and teaming up with other parents and new friends while in community together.

Nursery program (0-3 years)

Children from birth to 3 years old are invited to participate in our Nursery Program. This program is play-based with a high ratio of caregivers to children, depending upon the specific ages of the children enrolled. They will have some simple Bible story time, singing, crafts, play in the nursery room, and walks around the campus. The focus of this program is love and care from our volunteers to free up parents of our youngest children for full participation in the program.

Elementary program (PreK-5th grade)

Our elementary program is for fun “summer camp” experiences, new friendships, and learning about God from the Bible and nature around us. Kids entering Pre-K through 5th will enjoy free play, crafts, outdoor games, and hands-on learning together. A team of volunteers led by our Elementary Program Director will guide the whole group together as well as offer breakout activities based on age groups.

Youth Program (6th-12th grade)

Our youth program is geared toward students entering 6th grade to 12th grade. The program is run like a youth group. Bonding, games, and exploration of the scriptures and spiritual formation are our focus. Our Youth Program Director and volunteers will serve as role models and guides for these students. Some off campus activities may occur, such as a hike or beach trip. These students meet in the Van Kampen Game Lounge and enjoy planning after hours games there.