Corporate Worship and Scripture Engagement

Corporate worship and the study of the Scripture are a vital part of our conference program.

This year’s Scripture study focuses on the New Testament Epistle of James, through which we will explore the themes of joy, faith, and resilience in the face of the many challenges we experience in the academy, and in life more generally.

As in past years, we will enjoy the musical contributions of Shyla and Leon Powell.  They will lead us in music that contributes to what we hope will be the worshipful tone of the entire conference.  Here is a little more about Shyla and Leon . . .

Shyla and Leon are worship leaders at the Elm City Vineyard Church in New Haven, Connecticut. Both former InterVarsity staff ministers, Shyla is now pursuing a Masters in Pastoral Care at Fordham University and Leon works as the Project Manager at the Yale Center for Faith and Culture.