NorCal Faculty & Staff Conference Guest Speaker

Our featured speaker will be Dr. Timothy Muehlhoff, Professor of Communications at Biola University. 

In addition to teaching at Biola, Tim has authored several books. Winsome Persuasion, Christian Influence in a Post Christian World, co-written with Rick Langer, received Christianity Today’s 2018 Book of the Year Award of Merit – Apologetics/Evangelism. The authors state, “We write this book in the hopes of helping Christians engage in helpful and constructive public conversations - even when talking to people with whom we radically disagree.”

Conference attendees will receive a copy of Winsome Persuasion as a gift from the conference committee.

Bio for Dr. Muehlhoff

While teaching at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Tim Muehlhoff received his department's highest award for teaching and has been recognized by the International Communication Association for outstanding teaching. In his M.A. thesis, Muehlhoff developed a method of encouraging civil dialogue and perspective-taking between groups who perceive themselves as morally opposed with no room for, or interest in, connection. Extending his thesis research, his dissertation focused on a performative approach to enriching marital communication. His research interests also include social justice, gender, family communication, interpersonal communication and persuasion. Outside the classroom Muehlhoff and wife Noreen are frequent speakers at marriage conferences and seminars. His current project involves understanding the narratives of oppressed women in rural parts of New Delhi, India.