Boston Faculty Winter Retreat

“A book is the means by which our ideas travel space & time.” - Dr. Jimmy Kim

The Spiritual Practice of Academic Writing

Of all the many activities of an academic life, writing is one of the most important.  It is time consuming and can be deeply frustrating.  As followers of Jesus, we have the opportunity to view our writing as part of our discipleship - an expression deeply rooted in our relationship with our Savior.  But what does this mean?  

Our retreat will explore this question and others like it:
  1. How do we turn a technical article/dissertation into an article/book for the general market?
  2. What spiritual practices nurture the life and work of writers?  Especially academic writers?
  3. How does one cultivate a lifestyle of writing as part of an academic life?
  4. What about writing groups?
  5. Is there particular writing that we should read?
  6. And other such questions...
We will be joined by three excellent colleagues from InterVarsity Press who will share from their writing journeys and their experience editing. See below for brief biographies and session descriptions.

Retreat Details

Date: Friday, January 12 - 14, 2024 Location: Toah Nipi Retreat Center Cost: $166 (includes room and meals - Linens may be rented for $16/set)


OPTIONAL WRITING RETREAT before the RETREAT:  For those who would be interested in going away to write for a few days before our retreat, we’ve arranged for space at Toah Nipi from Monday-Friday, Jan 8-12.  The daily schedule would include prayer, simple meals, opportunities to walk outdoors, and the encouragement that comes from checking in with others each day.  $70/day.

For content/pricing questions, email Jeff Barneson. If you have a registration question, please email Myra Koontz.

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Guest Speakers and Session Descriptions

Al Hsu (pronounced "shee") is associate editorial director (trade) at InterVarsity Press, where he acquires and develops books in such areas as culture, church, ministry, and mission. In his 29 years at IVP, more.

Session: Writing for a General Audience
How do you connect your research and expertise with the everyday realities of ordinary people? In this session, we'll discuss what scholars should keep in mind as they pursue writing projects intended for audiences outside the academy.


Ann Boyd is the host of The Women Scholars and Professionals Podcast and the interim editor for The Well. She has been with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship for over 25 years, spending most of that more.

Session: Writing for Spiritual Formation
You spend countless hours writing for research, study, and instruction — but perhaps you’d benefit from practices that harness your writing skills for spiritual growth? In this session, we’ll explore journaling, prayer, reflection, and creative note-taking methods that can be used no matter how busy life gets.


Jon Boyd is associate publisher and academic editorial director at InterVarsity Press. He has a PhD in intellectual history and... read more.

Session: Publishing in the Scholar’s Vocation
Academic writing takes countless forms, serves countless functions, makes countless demands—and can offer countless rewards. How can a scholar keep first things first when it comes to the place of publishing in their academic vocation? In this session we will talk about understanding the importance of reading, writing, community, and professional advancement in reaching your goals.