Where to go

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Conference Location

Redeemer Presbyterian Church
150 W 83rd Street, New York, NY.
Located on West 83rd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. All events take place at Redeemer.



How to get there


By Air

  • LaGuardia Airport (closest to the Upper West Side where Redeemer is located). The M60 bus goes from Queens into Manhattan from east to west along 125th St & Lenox Avenue. Then transfer to the subway. Take a DOWNTOWN #2 or #3 train to 96the St then transfer to a DOWNTOWN #1 train to 86th St. Walk to Redeemer from there. A one-way trip on MTA buses or subways costs $2.75 exact change, purchase MetroCards at vending machines throughout LaGuardia terminals (MetroCard passengers get a free transfer from their bus to the subway within 2 hours of payment of fare), or, SAVE TIME & HASSLE by registering for your OMNY account TODAY to tap and go using your own contactless card or smart phone (visit https://omny.info/). Rates and directions are subject to last-minute changes, so please check mta.info before you take public transportation for the most up-to-date information:  
  • JFK: easiest to take a taxi/Uber/Lyft, but you can also find directions here: mta.info

Subway and Parking

  • By Subway: Take either the local 1, B or C trains to 79th St or 86th St for the 1 train or 81st or 86th St on the B or C train. Redeemer is a short walk (approx 5-10 minutes) from each of these stations. Track work is frequent on the weekends so it is recommended that you check mta.info if you plan to use the subway. You can also consult Hopstop or download the app.

  • By Car: If you plan to drive, there are two parking garages conveniently located opposite the Redeemer site. There is no free parking, and driving to the conference (except by taxi) is not recommended. You can inquire about parking across the street here. You can find other lots here. Information on rates and coupons available can be found at Icon Parking or Central Parking.


Where to stay


Conference Housing Recommendations:

Important to note: New York City hotel rooms, restaurants, and facilities are often smaller than comparable spaces in other cities.