Believers in Business hosts men and women who are leading voices in their spheres of influence within business. We have an exciting lineup of speakers and panelists. 

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Keynote Descriptions

In line with our BiB 2023 conference theme of "Audacious Hope," our Keynote Speakers will be discussing the following topics:

Theology of Work

This first keynote will set the foundational Biblical framework for the rest of the conference. In this session we will better understand how we can view work as a source of hopeful restoration.

Audacious Hope & Holy Ambition

Our cornerstone keynote will provide a deeper understanding of how we can live out audacious hope and have holy ambition in the context of our professional lives. 

Personal Story

Hear a practical application of how audacious hope has shaped our speakers' faith-filled work lives through the context of their career journeys.


Our pursuit of a Christ-centered audacious hope also includes a regular practices of Sabbath. This keynote will present a deeper theological framework for Sabbath, and examine how Sabbath and work fit together. 


Breakout Descriptions

We are excited to share our Breakout Session descriptions for BiB 2023!

Advancing Kingdom Work Through Secular Institutions

Our often secular workplaces wield much influence in society. How can Christians leverage the firms' power and aligned values to do Kingdom Work? How do we discern when to stay because of potential impact vs leave due to misalignment with our Christian faith? How can we influence the company's culture to align with Kingdom values in the day to day? This breakout will focus on the individual's power to do God's work. 

Collective Impact Through Community

We often rely on wide networks of different faith and skill backgrounds to redeem areas of brokeness in our workplaces. How do we create community around collective impact and influence them with our Christian values, while being transparent about our motivation for the mission (Christ)? What is the difference between a Christ-centered community vs a secular, impact-focused one?  This breakout will focus on the power of community to proactively influence Kingdom change.

Responding to Social Movements

In this era of volatile news cycles and grassroots activism, business leaders are expected to respond to social movements (e.g. Black Lives Matter, climate justice). What do we do when we are called to act by not only our stakeholders, but also God? How do we rise to the occasion? This breakout will focus on the power of faith to respond to a world of uncertainty.