Believers in Business

Believers in Business Conference

Tentatively: Redeemer Presbyterian Church, February 26-27, 2021

More details will be posted for the 2021 conference as they become available. Thank you to all who attended in 2020. We are so thankful for our students, speakers, co-sponsors, staff and the BIB leadership team.

The Believers in Business (BiB) Conference, founded in 2006, is the largest student-run national conference that equips and encourages Christian MBA students and professionals to live out their lives and careers for the glory of God. It provides a forum for honest discussion on opportunities, challenges, and strategies for following Christ in the marketplace in ways that help them grow in their relationship with the Lord and impact others.

The Believers in Business 2020 theme is "Connected: Connected to God, One Another, and the World." 

Connected. It seems like every moment we are inundated with messages that tell the narrative that fulfillment is obtained in the pursuit of materials, money, prestige and power; however, the truth is that God calls us to find our purpose and fulfillment in His love, which connects us to Himself, one another, and the world. Join fellow MBAs and working professionals in deepening your understanding of how God seeks to work through your life in building everyday connections in His name.

Join other Christian MBAs and professionals as we discuss our role in business and how we can be change agents for God.




  • Pathways to become kingdom-minded leaders from seasoned speakers
  • Strategies to influence your sphere of influence for the better
  • How God is using missional business in emerging markets


  • With industry leaders during dedicated networking time
  • With other Christian MBA's from 20+ schools across the country
  • With God through guided quiet time, corporate worship, and prayer


  • God's calling for your work life
  • Your career by finding mentors and peers in your industry
  • Your campus fellowship's mission at a special dinner for fellowship leaders

Thank you to the following organizations for helping make the 2020 BiB Conference possible:

Seattle Pacific University Faith & Co                                               ​