January 26, 2021 to February 17, 2021 | Virtual Meeting

Join Rick Mattson and grad students currently active in evangelism for a four-week series of stand-alone (but related) sessions, each lasting an hour. Topics include Evangelism Renewal, a Theology of Evangelism, the Five Thresholds, Conversation Skills, and Sharing Your Faith Story. Format: presentations followed by discussion. 

January 28, 2021 to February 18, 2021 | Virtual Meeting

Join us for a faculty-led 4-week virtual course for faculty - Why Does "Blackness" Matter?: The socio-historical context of racism in America. We’re hoping this course will offer faculty from diverse religious and secular perspectives a space to explore these important questions about race in America. We welcome you to invite faculty colleagues from your university or field to attend this course with you. This is a great opportunity to learn together each Thursday from Jan 28 - Feb 18.

This event is hosted by: InterVarsity Faculty Ministry and The Veritas Forum
February 5, 2021 | Virtual Meeting

Be prepared to discuss the ethical and moral implications of the COVID-19 vaccine and fetal cell lines by joining Dr. John Chae on Friday, February 5.

This event is hosted by: The Ohio Valley Grad & Faculty Ministry - InterVarsity
February 10, 2021 | Virtual Meeting

Going to grad school has a lot of moving pieces. Applications. Entrance exams. Visits. Decisions about what programs. Moving. What to expect. Finding community. Our roundtable of grad students and faculty will talk about this and pursuing the kingdom in grad school.

February 18, 2021 | Virtual Meeting

Evangelical Christians are active across all spheres of intellectual and public life today. But a disconnect remains: the work they produce too often fails to inform their broader communities. In the midst of a divisive culture and a related crisis within evangelicalism, public intellectuals speaking from an evangelical perspective have a critical role to play—within the church and beyond. What does it look like to embrace such a vocation out of a commitment to the common good?

February 26, 2021 to February 27, 2021 | Virtual Conference

Equiping and encouraging Christian MBA students and graduates to live out their faith in Jesus through their work in business.

March 12, 2021 to March 13, 2021 | Moraga, CA

This conference is co-hosted by InterVarsity’s GFM Pacific Area and Faculty Commons and organized and run by local faculty and staff.

June 19, 2021 to June 25, 2021 | Cedarville, MI

Come out of busyness into God’s rest. This conference welcomes faculty, graduate students, spouses, and families to engage in a wide variety of seminars and workshops in addition to enjoying a generous amount of leisure time. Come and disconnect from the world’s chaos, be restored, and meet God in the beauty of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

June 20, 2021 | Brevard, NC

Due to the pandemic caused by COVID-19 and all of the ripple effects, we have decided to cancel the Blue Ridge Faculty Conference for 2020. We have come to this decision after much thought and prayer. We hope for and are planning for a Blue Ridge Faculty Conference in 2021 with the same speakers and at the same beautiful retreat center.

July 27, 2021 | Virtual Meeting

As university faculty and staff, you contribute to God’s kingdom in unique ways. But our experience as Christians in the academy can be a lonely one. Join us online for a virtual Faculty Conference and connect with colleagues despite the pandemic. We will worship, pray, network, explore our vocational calling, and engage in conversations of importance to your life, work, and much more!

August 1, 2021 | Virtual Meeting

In lieu of our in-person, 3-day conference for 2020, we hosted four monthly Faculty Events online this summer around the timely theme: Teach us to number our days: reconciling the finite with the infinite in conversations with Kyle and Lydia Dugdale, a scripture study of Psalm 90, and an online session about prayer.