Sandra Diaz

Director of Economic Empowerment at Restore NYC; Former AVP, L'Oreal

Sandra Diaz is a marketing leader and career coach. She excels at leveraging data and systems to launch new products and services that meet the needs of culturally-diverse individuals.

As Director of Economic Empowerment at Restore NYC, she leads the creation and delivery of work readiness, placement and retention initiatives for female foreign-national survivors of sex trafficking. She also helps bicultural professionals land great marketing jobs through her private coaching practice at

Sandra drives innovation by drawing on her 20-year experience in multicultural, brand, customer and global marketing at L'Oreal, Sears, Sara Lee, Citicards and Colgate Palmolive, and her own consulting firm DIAZ&CO. She holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Javieriana in Colombia and a MBA from Kellogg.

She has been a member of Trinity Baptist Church in New York City for over 10 years, where she has served as a Trustee, and on the prayer and children's ministries. Sandra co-founded the Trinity Career Network job search ministry to serve her church family, discovering her passion and effectiveness as a career coach in the process.