Jonathan Banks

Chief Operating Officer, Urban Outreach Foundation

Jonathan Banks is motivated to see people and communities maximize their potential and rise to every challenge. Jonathan earned an undergraduate degree in engineering from Purdue University, an MBA from Northwestern University, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration from Indiana Wesleyan University. Jonathan has enjoyed an amazing career path which has included Non-Profit Leadership, Youth Ministry, Food Ingredient & Flavor Research, Real Estate Finance and Business Development, Teaching and Tutoring K-12 & College level courses. Jonathan now serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Urban Outreach Foundation serving an international group of community and faith leaders. Urban Outreach Foundation also partners with cutting edge partners, including Together Chicago, Fuller Youth Institute, and Kern Foundation. His own academic and tutoring experiences helped him form an effective approach to success that he willingly shares with the next generation. Jonathan is an ordained minister and lives with his wife, Jacinta, and their courageous college-aged sons who have both served as small group leaders with InterVarsity.