Jay Jakub, D.Phil.

Senior Director of External Research at Mars / Catalyst; Co-leader of Mutuality Laboratory

Jay Jakub

Dr. Jay Jakub is the Senior Director of External Research at Mars, Inc. / Catalyst.  Mars is family owned FMCG company with 100k associates & >$38bn in revenues.  Its iconic brands include M&Ms, Snickers, Mars bar, Milky Way, Wrigley gum, Pedigree pet food & Uncle Ben’s rice, among many others. Created in the 1960s to be a disruptively innovative capability challenging orthodox business thinking, Catalyst is the Mars internal think tank that develops transformational business solutions across many disciplines.

Jay assists Mars’ Chief Economist in managing Catalyst, with members in Brussels, Washington, Chicago, NY, Oxford, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Chennai (India), leveraging 50-100+ thought partners globally from academia, NGOs, int’l organizations, etc.   Jay co-leads the Mutuality Laboratory, which has developed a breakthrough business model innovation (Economics of Mutuality – EoM) that uses non-monetized metrics), new management practices, and a mutual profit single bottom line P&L to drive superior value creation, optimizing multi-capital return for stakeholders.  Jay co-authored the EoM book, Completing Capitalism: Heal Business to Heal the World (Berrett-Koehler, 2017), reprinted in Mandarin by China’s government-owned publisher, CITIC Press, November 2018, and authored Spies & Saboteurs, (MacMillan & St. Martin’s Press, 1999).  Jay is contributing to a new EoM book, Putting Purpose into Practice, that will be out next year.  His doctorate is from St. John’s College, Oxford.