Janeen Uzzell

COO, WikiMedia Foundation

Janeen Uzzell is the new COO of Wikimedia Foundation. As the former Head of Women in Technology for GE, Janeen developed and executed the strategy to accelerate the number of women in technical roles across GE’s Engineering, Digital, IT, and Supply Chain teams.

A 14-year GE veteran, Janeen has held roles across the Healthcare, Corporate, GGO, and Global Research divisions. Janeen was Operations Manager, External Affairs and Technology Programs at GRC, where she identified trends and needs to build a global, government, and commercial research partnerships. Prior to this, she was Director of Healthcare Programs for GE in Africa and Director of Healthymagination, and also held a variety of leadership roles in services and operations for the Healthcare business.

Janeen received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University and an MBA in International Business from Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is a Board Member of the International Black Women’s Public Policy Institute, was awarded the GE ICON Leadership Award in 2014 and was featured in blackengineer.com in 2016 for her impact across her roles in healthcare and technology.