Greg Baumer

Chief Growth Officer for naviHealth, Inc. and Author

Greg Baumer is coauthor of God and Money - How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School and True Riches: What Jesus Really Said About Money and Your Heart. Greg and his coauthor, John Cortines, have contributed to national media outlets including Moody Radio, NY Daily News, and RELEVANT Magazine, and speaks regularly at large churches and conferences around the country.

A native of Indianapolis, IN, Greg grew up attending Indiana Hoosier basketball games and working with his dad every Saturday in the family business.  Greg began his career with management consulting firm McKinsey & Company in Chicago, IL and later worked as an investment professional for private equity firm Advent International in Boston, MA.  He currently serves as Chief Growth Officer for naviHealth, Inc., a healthcare startup in Nashville, TN.

It was while taking a course at Harvard Divinity School called God & Money that Greg began to think deeply about the intersection of faith and finance.  Through a deep study of Scripture on the subject of money, Greg began to understand that when it comes to generosity, God wants something for us, not from us.  Since that time, Greg has become convinced that God offers a unique joy to those who choose to live generously, and has become passionate about spreading the message that generosity is best thought of as a unique opportunity given to us by God to step alongside Him in the fulfillment of His Kingdom.

Greg resides in Nashville, TN and is blessed to be married to his beautiful, loving, and gracious wife of eleven years, Alison. Greg and Alison are parents to three young children.  Greg holds degrees from Indiana University (BS, 2008) and Harvard Business School (2015).  He also serves on the Board of Generous Giving and The Signatry, two nonprofit ministries focused on spreading the message of biblical generosity.