Dwight Schwartz

Dwight Schwartz joined the paid staff of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship in 2003 after completing doctoral studies in Chemical Physics (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1997), and post-doctoral research, teaching, and IT support at Montana State University - Bozeman.  As GFM’s Area Director for the Mid-Atlantic Area, he enjoys engaging graduate students, faculty members, and ministry colleagues from across the spectra of academic and ministry disciplines in matters of importance to academic life and the Christian faith and to the growth of witnessing communities on campus. He maintains an active interest in science, computers, and other information technologies.  He is married to Maria, who is a volunteer with GFM, an undergraduate academic advisor at Loyola University Maryland, and an accomplished cellist.  Dwight and Maria have lived in Baltimore, Maryland, since 2003.