Law School Ministry

Law School Ministry

Our desire in Law School Ministry is to help law students and faculty, who will play a crucial role in shaping the institutions of our society, prepare spiritually and intellectually for the demands they will face in the legal profession.


It is a privilege to work with the dedicated staff serving law students through GFM’s Law School Ministry. Through LSM, law students across the country are equipped to walk out their callings to love & serve their neighbors in and through the law.

-- Mike Schutt, Director, Christian Legal Society’s Law Student Ministries

Interview of Dr. William J. Stuntz

Dr. Bill Stuntz from InterVarsity twentyonehundred

What does it mean to flourish in the midst of suffering? Dr. William J. Stuntz (1958 – 2011), once a criminal justice scholar and professor at Harvard Law, movingly shares what it was like to be a father, husband, and an academic amid a darkening cloud of cancer.