• What does it mean to be part of a global religion, and how can we make sense of the diverse missions, values, and politics of that belonging? How can we as Christians better understand what it means to follow Jesus in a world that is more connected than ever before? After four days in St Louis for the Urbana conference, I feel closer to the heart of those questions than ever before.

  • The concept of Renaissance--with the focus upon “rebirth” and “incarnation”--engages students, faculty, and campuses.

  • Yale philosopher Nicholas Wolterstorff shares insights on thinking with a Christian mind and speaking with a Christian voice.

  • A list of suggested InterVarsity Press (IVP) resources with a focus on the Four Commitments of InterVarsity's Graduate and Faculty Ministry. 2015-2016 Academic Year Edition.

  • In partnership with ESN, we are pleased to offer the CSF-ESN Grant to Advance Christian Scholarship to encourage and nurture Christian junior faculty as they strive for wider recognition in and beyond the academy.

The Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) connects.

ESN encourages and equips the next generation of Christian scholars as they seek to be a redeeming influence in higher ed. In addition to this site, connect via blogging, facebookpaper.litwitter, and joining in the mission. To God be the glory!

Impact of ESN

  • Assoc Regional Director, Graduate & Faculty Ministry Northeast Region; Black Graduate Ministry at Harvard

    ESN provides a forum where biblical ideas can be discussed, with varying viewpoints, and where the “mind of Christ” can be developed. I often read the blogs on ESN so that I can be informed of controversial issues in higher education and the influence of the scripture on intellectual reasoning and constructs.

    Note: Click here to learn about InterVarsity’s Black Scholars and Professionals (BSAP). Alice has written for ESN's blog.