The Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) connects.

ESN encourages and equips the next generation of Christian scholars as they seek to be a redeeming influence in higher ed. In addition to this site, connect via blogging, facebookpaper.litwitter, and joining in the mission. To God be the glory!

Impact of ESN

  • Professor of History and Department Chair, Hope College

    One of the joys in reading Paul Anderson’s Professors Who Believe is to see how many of the faculty who tell their stories recall the role of their own undergraduate and graduate-school professors in understanding a call to the academy and then encouraging these young scholars in the transition from one side of the podium to the other. Because I believe that from an eternal perspective I have no higher calling than helping my students discern their calling, the work of the Emerging Scholars Network represents one of the most important developments in Christian higher education in a very long time. Note: Marc Baer’s the author of the ESN Web post What is Calling? Check out the blog to "read up" on his book Mere Believers: How Eight Faithful Lives Changed the Course of History (Eugene: Cascade Books, 2013).