The Emerging Scholars Network (ESN) connects, encourages, and equips those on the academic pathway (undergraduates, graduate students, postdocs, and early career faculty) as they work out how their vocation serves God and others. In addition to this site, connect via blogging, facebook,, twitter, and joining in the mission. To God be the glory!

Impact of ESN

  • Survey Research and Methodology, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln

    I have been a member of ESN since my senior year of college, and now as a graduate student I continue to be blessed by its ministry. From engaging articles on work, school, and the culture that academics find ourselves in, to stimulating questions raised every week on current and relevant issues, to opportunities to engage with others like me about the struggles and opportunities we face in the academy and beyond, ESN provides a unique resource center and gathering place for Christian scholars. While many wonderful Christian organizations are in place to serve the undergraduate community, ESN is the first organization I have seen that directly meets the needs of Christians in graduate school and beyond.